LAW- Printed notes by Rahul IAS for IAS, PCS and JUDICIAL services

LAW-Printed Notes by Rahul’s IAS for IAS, PCS, and JUDICIAL administrations For the wannabes who can’t come to Delhi for study hall training will be profited by the investigation material. Given there is enormous no of enrollment of Judges in the years to come JUDICIARY is a hot cake for the hopefuls having law as a discretionary. Material is intended to suit the requirement for IAS and JUDICIAL administration assessment. Material is secured from solid sources and complete in each viewpoint.

LAW Printed notes by Rahul’s IAS for IAS, PCS, and JUDICIAL services.Rahul’s IAS as an instructing foundation for IAS and Judicial administration tests was officially settled in the year 2002 by Rahul sir. The vision behind the undertaking was, and has been, to offer certifiable help to the understudies planning for these serious tests. The foundation offers study hall courses and correspondence material just for law as a subject for IAS and legal tests. The material we are giving is equivalent to given in the homeroom and reporter training.

Ambition law notes

law notes cover the syllabus

  1. The Code of Criminal Procedure
  2. The Limitation Act (Act 26 of 1963)
  3. The Specific Relief Act, 1963
  4. Indian Penal Code
  5. Indian Contract Act
  6. The Registration Act
  7. Law of TORT
  8. Indian Evidence Act
  9. Constitutional Law
  10. Jurisprudence
  11. Transfer of Property Act
  12. Partnership Act
  13. Arbitration and conciliation act, 1996
  14. Family Law
  15. Sale of Goods
  16. Legal Glossary
  17. Negotiable Instrument
  18. English Art

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