Chanakya IAS Coaching History Optional Printed Notes

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Chanakya IAS Coaching History Optional Printed Notes

Cover Topics


Pre-history and Proto-history:
Geographical factors
Beginning of agriculture
Hunting and Gathering
Megalithic Culture
Indus Valley Civilization
Aryans and Vedic
Mauryan Empire
Period of Mahajanapadas
Aryans and Vedic Period:
Early State and Society in Eastern India
Regional States during Gupta Era
Guptas, Vakatakas and Vardhanas:
Early Medieval India, 750-1200
The Thirteenth Century
Cultural Traditions in India,
The Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth Century

British Expansion in India:
European Penetration into India:
Economic Impact of British Colonial Rule:
Social and Religious Reform movements in Bengal and Other Areas:
Indian Response to British Rule:
Rise of Gandhi
Politics of Separatism
Caste and Ethnicity after 1947
Origins of Modern Politics
Enlightenment and Modern ideas
Economic development and political change;
Imperialism and Colonialism:
World Wars:
Liberation from Colonial Rule:
Unification of Europe:
Decolonization and Underdevelopment:
Disintegration of Soviet
Constitutional Developments


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