BOTANY Brilliant Tutorials Printed Notes for UPSC and IFS Exam

BOTANY Notes Brilliant Tutorials for UPSC & IFS Examination Brilliant is one of the premier institutes providing postal coaching since many years.Its head office is in Chennai.Notes is compiled by experienced faculty and regularly updated according to the requirement.BOTANY Printed Notes
Botany is taken as an optional in UPSC and IFS.Very few institutes provides notes on Botany. This is the reason that its notes is more popular among the aspirants.

These notes are best in quality.Notes India is on of the best site for study material for Notes for IAS exam, Notes India give best study material,Notes to the understudies.Our notes are printed notes of physically molded notes these note made by prestigious and regarded instructors.BOTANY Printed Notes

General Studies Printed Notes 

BOTANY Notes Brilliant Tutorials for UPSC & IFS Examination have some important clues and they are given below…

 Paper 1

  1. Microbiology and plant pathology
  2. Cell Biology
  3. Cryptogram
  4. Phaneogams and gymnosperms
  5. Phaneogams and Angiosperm
  6. Genetics ,Molecular biology and evolution
  7. Plant breeding, Biotechnology and Biostatistics.
  8. Physiology and Biochemistry.
  9. Plant utility and Exploitation.
  10. Morphogenesis.
  11.  Ecology and plant geography- I
  12. Ecology and Plant Geography -II

Paper 2

  1. Cell Biology
  2. Genetics, Molecular Biology, and Evolution
  3. Plant Breeding, Biotechnology, and Biostatistics:
  4.  Physiology and Biochemistry
  5.  Ecology and Plant Geography

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